Our professional team...here to help you!

        Since 1977 the Littlejohn Auction team has served the midwest as a leader in the auction industry providing the most contemporary and aggresive means of asset liquidation available to our valued clients.  At Littlejohn Auctions, our auction professionals will help you understand the auction process and help you choose which auction method will best help you achieve your financial and physical goals.

        The auction method of marketing creates an exciting and competitive marketplace where bidders are prepared and feel comfortable bidding against one another to offer you, the seller, the most money possible at any point in time.

        Let us introduce you to our team...Feel free to click on any individual's photo to initiate a conversation about your needs.  When it's time for a change, we would be honored to help.

Our Company's Owner and Marketing Director
Jama D.L. Smith, BA, BAS
Our award winning marketing team, led by Jama Smith, creates all of our marketing materials in house and continually updates and pre-purchases media space both locally and nationally so that each and every one of our important clients gets the absolute best marketing at the lowest price.
From social media and newspaper/television media to drone photography...our marketing team will do whatever it takes to shine the best light on your property.
Ms. Smith is also head of our benefit auction division, National Benefit Auctions & Events.
Our Real Estate Team
James F. Littlejohn, CAI, AARE, CES, BAS 
Our founding auctioneer, Jim Littlejohn, also a 2009 inductee to the Indiana Auctioneer Hall of Fame, is our lead real estate auctioneer and specialist.  Jim has been selling real estate at auction throughout the mid west since 1977.  Jim will meet with you, determine your goals and then immediately put our marketing team to work on a plan that is specifically tailored to your real estate and your marketing needs.  Your real estate marketing is designed to sell your real estate in your time frame for best market value, not to market Littlejohn Auctions.  Our team is working for you!
Dan Braun
A Team Leader in our Personal Property Division more many years, Dan is our newest Real Estate Auctioneer.  His long term involvement with our valued clients as they move through the liquidation process gives him a unique understanding of the needs families face  as they consider both the sale of personal property and then the larger, sometimes scarier, prospect of preparing the home for a real estate auction.  Dan is ready to help make the auction process a great experience for your family rather than a frustration.  Dan is also one our designated Personal Client Representatives.  Each family requiring multiple auctions with Littlejohn Auctions is now assigned a Personal Client Representative to help walk them through the process.  We are here for you.
Personal Property Division
Greg Littlejohn, GPPA, CES
An auctioneer since 1983 and our Certified Personal Property Appraiser, Greg manages our very busy Personal Property Division.  Give Greg a call and let him know what you need and what your goals are.  Greg will sit down with you, take a look at the project and help you come up with the best possible plan to keep your family moving forward toward whatever life change you're working on.  Greg will put our team to work for you so that you can focus on the things you need to focus on.  Let us do the work!  If your auction needs require more than one auction, Greg will assign you a Personal Client Representative to make certain that you have everything you need during your time with us and always have someone available to answer your questions.
Personal Client Representative and Office Management
Kristie Presley
Formerly a Team Leader in our Personal Property Division, Kristie has you covered!  Kristie personally handles all finances related to your auction.  From charging our important buyers to ordering and managing shipping, she makes sure all auctions close smoothly and that our clients receive proper reporting and payment in the shortest amount of time.  Kristie also manages our team of Personal Client Representatives making sure that all clients with multiple auctions receive the care they need to comfortably transition from auction to auction.