Jama visiting with the crew at Insight.  An excellent description of how National Benefit Auctions & Events (a division of Littlejohn Auctions) works with clients to create outstanding fundraising events!  (Click photo)

Benefit Auctions and Events

It’s undeniable! Auctions are extremely popular...and benefit auctions in particular are the fastest growing segment of auctions behind only real estate. Why? Because they are valuable entertainment. A professional benefit auctioneer and Fundraising Communicator can make your guests feel great about giving.

             A professional benefit auctioneer also knows that while they need to raise the most money possible, another extremely important outcome of a benefit event is raising awareness and volunteerism.

Our Professional Fundraising Communicators know how to build that important Spirit of Giving that will continually keep your mission in your guests minds and make them want to give and be a genuine part of the success of your fundraising event!

National Benefit Auctions & Events

        Believe it or not, charitable giving is up and on the rise!  With over 1.5 million not-for-profit organizations in the United States (compare that to only 17,000 car dealerships) your organization  is really competing for the attention and dollars of your potential donors.


        Don't lose that competition!  Let our Benefit Event Specialists work with your volunteers to create a giving event that is a perfect fit for your organization and donors.

        Our Benefit Event Specialists will walk your team through the entire process from beginning to end.  We can help with your message, your marketing, motivating volunteers and leaders, creating fun and exciting profit centers within your event....and, of course, help you "make the ask".


        There are a lot of fun ways to ask your donors for money so they are happy to give...and ask when your next fundraising event is.  How great is that?!

Call Jama today at 260-925-2796, or simply click on her picture to your left to send a quick email.  The best events begin with a lot of questions!  We want you to start asking those questions.


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