What are others saying about us?

We are here to serve our clients and customers!  So, it stands to reason that when they tell us that we've done a great job...we are thrilled and proud.  People call us when they are in the midst of change in their lives and they need our help.  We take their needs very seriously.

Here is what some very important clients and customers have said about their experience with Littlejohn Auctions:


The Garrett-Keyser-Butler CSD has been very pleased with the services provided by Littlejohn Auctions Inc.  We are able to coordinate our legal responsibility with the auction company, utilizing their service saves us time, and they provide exceptional customer service to us and their customer base.  The auction items are marketed very well and we have been very pleased with the final outcome.  

Pam Good

Business Manager

Garrett-Keyser-Butler CSD

We worked with Littlejohn Auctions on the sale of farm real estate for Peoples Federal Savings Bank Trust Department.    The sale was well attended, well organized and the sale results were above our expectations, resulting in proceeds exceeding appraisals and our customers wishes.

Donald E. Budd
Vice President and Trust Officer
Peoples Federal Savings Bank--
Trust Dept.

Littlejohn Auctions literally came to my rescue when I was in despair in my role as co-personal representative of my friend's estate.  The family was stalled - seemingly stuck in the various stages of grief.  Littlejohns worked with me and helped me to gently approach the family.

With my inside knowledge of the family and Littlejohn's vast experience in handling estate auctions, we were able to come together and accomplish the necessary work involved in settling an estate.

Greg is the expert with personal property auctions.  He and his staff were kind, considerate, and very respectful as we sorted through my friend's possessions.  Littlejohn Auctions are extremely skilled in grouping items to attract attention both for those looking for deals and those looking for hidden treasures.

Jim handled the Real Estate auction.  With his knowledge and expertise, he was able to attract a very nice group of potential buyers.  On the day of the sale, he used his auctioneering skill to get a great price for us on the home.  We could NOT have been happier!

The closing on the home ran smoothly and all payments to the estate were made promptly.

Peggy Grimm, Attorney

Many of my clients who are entering a nursing home for long-term care use LittlejohnAuctions in order to sell their real and personal property.  All of the staff at Littlejohn Auctions are kind, courteous, knowledgeable, and
professional.  Anytime a client tells me they have hired LittlejohnAuctions to sell their real or personal property, I know they are in good hands.  I would highly recommend Littlejohn Auctions to anyone wanting to auction their real or personal property.

Chad L. Rayle
Attorney at law

Just a quick note telling you how happy we were using Littlejohn Auctions.  Your staff handled my mother property with respect and professionalism and we did not need to lift or handle anything. The pictures taken and  identifying captions were very accurate a allowed people to understand and see what they were bidding on.

Finally pick-up day went very smooth with all items being removed by the end of
pick-up time.

I would gladly recommend your service to anyone asking. 

Thanks again,
Randy Deetz